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Like a blank sheet of paper ...

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Lorenzo Paci
il 29 febbraio 2012
The magic world of Peter Callesenand and his paper sculptures

Peter Callesen (born 1967) is a Danish artist and author known for his talent in combining the minimalism of a single A4 sheet with the complexity of origami meticulously cut and folded, using the obvious contrast between the two and at the same time tying strong images and incisive lightness and fragility of a blank sheet of paper.

Callesen can create true works of art with arguably one of the most common materials. He tells stories in the balance between reality and fantasy, whether it be a bouquet of flowers that seem to break away from their three-dimensional negative, that of a hummingbird flying away from the blank page, almost if it were leaving behind its own shadow abandoned on the paper.

He claims to prefer the paper because, never mind the web, it is still today the world's most popular medium for the exchange of information, but we hardly stop thinking about the physical thing and the real essence of what passes daily before our eyes.

Starting from scratch using a blank A4 page (from 80 to 115gsm) as the basis for his creations, he has found a material with which we are all able to relate to, and all the same neutral and therefore easier to fill with different meanings.

His striking works are a delicate balance between aesthetics and concept. The papercuts are the shadows of the works’ own being, first of all objects, then freed from the author's imagination.

The positive and negative space is used to tell a story, sometimes forgetful of the past of the subject represented, and sometimes as presage of what the future holds ... all of this using only one sheet of white paper.

There is a tragic vision in most of his works, whether it's a dying flower, an angel trapped in a cage or a small apple core, as well as the fragile and delicate paper which would appear to emphasize an imminent element of disaster.

A kind of salvation, without any chance to escape.

features and benefits Peter Callesen - http://www.petercallesen.com/


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Mario Perrone - 03/04/2012 - 24:25:00
subtle, delicate and beautiful!
Mario Perrone - 03/04/2012 - 24:25:00
subtle, delicate and beautiful!
Macovei Ana - 01/03/2012 - 07:02:00
Very beautiful!
Macovei Ana - 01/03/2012 - 07:02:00
Very beautiful!
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