44th edition of FIAC from 19 to 22 October 2017

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il 17 luglio 2017
The international fair announces what’s new in 2017

The 44th edition of FIAC (International Art Fair) will take place in Paris from 19 to 22 October. The Grand Palais will host 192 modern and contemporary art galleries that are among the most important on the international scene. FIAC continues its support of emerging galleries, with a 2017 Lafayette Sector of unprecedented diversity.

This edition will bring together 192 galleries from 29 countries under the nave of the Grand Palais, and upstairs in the Salon d’honneur, the Upper Galleries, and the Salon Jean Perrin (inaugurated in 2016). 40 new galleries will join FIAC this year including Cardi (Milano, London), Pedro Cera (Lisboa), ChertLüdde (Berlin), Downs & Ross (New York), Selma Feriani (Tunis, London), Green Art Gallery (Dubai), Gypsum (Cairo), Magnus Karlsson (Stockholm), Karma ( New York), Peter Kilchmann (Zürich), David Kordansky (Los Angeles), David Lewis (New York), LambdaLambdaLambda (Prishtina), Maisterravalbuena (Madrid, Lisboa), Martos (New York), Mezzanin (Geneva), NoguerasBlanchard (Barcelona, Madrid) Queer Thoughts (New York), SCAI THE BATHHOUSE (Tokyo), Instituto de Visión (Bogota), Truth and Consequences (Geneva), or Waldburger Wouters (Brussels).

This year FIAC is re-introducing a design sector, with the participation of 5 galleries

internationally renowned for their expertise in the field of 20th and 21st design:
Jousse Entreprise, kreo, LAFFANOUR – Galerie Downtown, Eric Philippe, and Patrick Seguin.

Inaugurated in 2016, the On Site sector, will present around 40 sculptures and installations for this new edition, at the Petit Palais and on the Avenue Winston Churchill, which will be pedestrianised for the occasion. In 2017, FIAC will further increase its presence in the Palais de la Découverte, through its performance festival, Parades for FIAC. 

In association with the Chantal Crousel gallery (Paris), this year FIAC gives carte blanche to American artist Oscar Tuazon to present an in-situ project on the prestigious Place Vendôme.

FIAC 2017 at a glance: 192 galleries from 29 countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, South Korea, Colombia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, France, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, the United Kingdom, Switzerland); 40 new exhibitors; 6 new countries represented (Egypt, Kosovo, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Tunisia).



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