Daniele Isetta

Artista - iscritto il 13 nov 2005

Luogo: Varigotti (SV) - IT

Email - 999d@libero.it


Letter of introduction

This young artist lives and works to Varigotti, small laughing country Ligure.
Its work departs from informal premises inspired to Pollock but this it is not but the point of departure of which the artist will elaborate again one personal vision of his and the artistic expression, the color is very more materico and full-bodied, it becomes animated of forms and of intents where the "sign" it becomes evident "as action."
The fund where the dripping takes shape it has a particular formal importance that denotes as the artist both to the continuous search of a three-dimensional element, this is also noticed in the search of the support, that sets notable importance and that it articulates on more levels in a continuous discovery of new spatial interpretations.
Also the chromatic choice notices more and more growth and a clean separation from the inspiration of the informal classical, its palette it has a preference for the pure and bright colors that bring us to the atmospheres of the place in which alive, blue bright, solar yellows, almost primary colors, animated by violent contrasts and it is also between support and painting that the artist looks for the contrast and is really in this sense, that its continuous search of a three-dimensional space directs him expressed by the color, the artist is therefore in continuous evolution and growth, especially in the experimentation of new forms and in the search of new supports that you/they vary from the foam plates undulated epossidica to scabrous surfaces.
And' evident the clean separation more and more in the informal school for a search of development more personal and autonomous than it brings him/it to look for fit solutions to express his/her rich internal world.


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Daniele Isetta - 28/08/2013 - 23:56:03
grazie tonino!
Tonino Vessella - 23/08/2013 - 14:08:08
Bellissime opere.
Elide Montesi - 23/04/2012 - 17:01:56
Buon compleanno Daniele !
Salvatore Orza - 15/01/2012 - 20:10:31
che bei lavori Daniele.
i miei complimenti.
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